How to Solve Your Kid’s Sleeping Issues

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Adults are not the only one with sleeping issues. Kids are also among the people with sleeping issues, and this may be a problem. If a kid refuses to sleep, for instance, they take their parents with them to a sleepless night. Thus, affecting the whole house. Here are some of the tips that might be useful for those with kids that have sleeping issues:

Sleeper Type

There are kids that just rise as soon as the sun shines while there are some who prefers sleeping through the day. Know which kind of sleeper your kid is and use this knowledge to help them have a better sleep schedule.

Waking Schedule

Not all children should have the same waking schedule. Depending on their age, your kid might need more or less sleep. Most school children should sleep for 9 to 12 hours every night. Using simple math and calculations, determine when your child should wake up to keep them from feeling exhausted or groggy.


Establish a 20 to 30 minute routine that should end with your kid having to sleep. If you start with the routine, the kid will automatically think that it is time for bed. Avoid putting stimulating activities into your kid’s routine. Try ones that can make him or her calm and relaxed.

Reward System

You can set up a reward system every time your kid follows his or her sleeping schedule. A star, for example, or the kid’s favourite snack might be enough to help him or her develop a healthy sleeping routine.


For kids who are always afraid to go to bed due to monsters or nightmares, give them something that might protect them in a way or another. For instance, tell them that their stuff toy can fend off the monsters at night. You can also give your kid a flashlight so that they may not feel helpless in the dark.

Cool Room

A cooler temperature induces a deeper and better sleep. Adjust the temperature, but make sure that it is not too cold. Otherwise, a too cold room may make one uncomfortable.