Why You Should Not Eat Cheese Late at Night

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There are many food items that one should not consume before sleeping since they disrupt one’s natural sleep cycle. Drinks with caffeine, food rich in sugar and alcohol are some of the food that can make one have difficulty with sleeping or wake up more often during the night. Furthermore, when it comes to food that must be consumed to help with sleep, people often think of dairy. However, should one consume cheese near bedtime?


There is a belief that consuming cheese before sleeping can provide one with bad dreams or nightmares. However, researchers had found out that this is a myth. On the other hand, depending on the type of cheese, cheese may provide one a considerable amount of tryptophan that influences the production of serotonin that regulates one’s mood. Thus, there is a possibility, with the right type of cheese, that you may end up feeling good the next morning when you consume cheese before bedtime.

Word of Caution

  • Tyramine

While it is true that cheese may have tryptophan, an amino acid that can help promote sleep, there are also other amino acids in the cheese. An example of which is tyramine. When the body digests tyramine, the hormone norepinephrine is released. It is a hormone for the fight or flight response of the body and when one is asleep and it is released, one wakes up.

  • Fat

Additionally, cheese may contain different levels of fat. Fat takes the longest to digest compared to protein and carbohydrates. Eating cheese rich in fat before bedtime keeps the body slightly awake to fully digest it. Thus, leading to a shallow and possibly disrupted sleep. Thus, if you really want to eat cheese before hitting the bed, choose non-fat or low-fat cheeses.

  • Aged Cheese

Aged cheese has high amounts of tyramine. Their consumption has shown to make one have difficulty with sleeping and ultimately getting a good night’s sleep. Thus, aged cheese should be avoided when it is near bedtime. This includes blue cheeses, hard cheeses, and stinky cheeses.

Overeating Before Bedtime

It is just not cheese that one should take caution consuming when it is near bedtime. In general, consuming any food immediately before hitting the bed, might cause one to have a bad sleep due to indigestion.