Never Do These Things to Your Mattress

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Taking care of your mattress is not as easy as you think it is. It is mainly because there are things that you are guilty of that contributes to the gradual damaging of the mattress. Here are some of those things that you might have done to your mattress in the past. As such, it is very much recommended to avoid these things so as not to ruin your favorite sleeping spot.

Standing, Jumping and Sitting

When mattresses are supposed to be for sleeping and lying down, doing other things such as sitting, standing, and jumping will put more pressure on the springs and coils inside. As a result, the mattress will be shorten its lifespan, and the comfort will be gradually compromised.

Flipping the Mattress, and Sleeping on the Other Side

This is especially true when the mattress is one-sided. The other side does not have any comfort layers, and will not give comfortable experience because that side is meant for supporting the whole weight of the mattress and the users.

Not Relocating the Mattress

Having the mattress lie on the same spot over the years will add more body impressions than when it is regularly (monthly) moved to other spots, thus, extending its lifespan.

No Mattress Protector

Protectors will keep the mattress away from stains and moisture. If there are no protectors and the mattress gets wet or if food fell onto it, it is possible that molds can grow. The mold will then become a health risk to all users, especially to those who have fungal allergies.

Bending the Mattress

Mattress coils are usually found in cases made of steel, which can be found along the foam edges. As such, these parts will be heavily damaged once the mattress is bent for a long period of time.

Not Suitable Bed Frame

Bed frames are made to distribute the weight of the mattress evenly. If the bed frames are not matched with the mattress, then there is a chance that the mattress’s box-spring will sag and eventually break. The mattress will be harder to place in beds if the box-spring is damaged.