How Late Risers Can Wake Up Early

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There are many types of sleepers out there. There are those that get up easily when the morning comes while there are those who don’t. As for the late riser or the night owls, they may end up getting out of bed harder and feel sluggish when they get up early. However, can there be any solution to this? Can there be ways by which a night owl can function fully in a society that requires people to get things done early? The answer is yes, and listed are the ways to do so.

A Drink

A drink near one’s bed can help one with rising early. A glass of water, for instance, wakes the body and keeps one hydrated. Leave coffee or other caffeinated drinks for emergency cases or for days when you are unsure whether you can conquer the day.

Strategic Alarm Clocks

The placement of your alarm clock is important. If you put it too close, you might just snooze off. Place it across the room or at the foot of your bed. Furthermore, make sure that your alarm clock’s sound is not soothing in any way. It should annoy you to the extent that you can’t get back to bed if it continues to sound. Force yourself out of the bed with the strategic use of alarm clocks.


Opt for lighting that can be turned on according to one’s time preference. A bright light mimics the sun rise and may force one to get up. A dark room is very much ideal for sleeping, use this knowledge for your own benefit.

Coffee or Alcohol

To get up earlier, do not take coffee or other caffeinated drinks and alcohol before hitting the bed. You can end up having a shallow sleep that can likewise make you have the difficulties waking up since you have not rested well.


Waking up early can be a habit one can develop. Make necessary adjustments in your sleeping routine. For instance, you should try to sleep earlier than you normally do to wake up earlier. Engage in activities that soothes you down at night.